Webinar: Better Business is Better for Business

Webinar Recording: Better Business is Better for Business

The contract between business and society is constantly shifting. Today, corporations are increasingly being held accountable for human rights and sustainability issues further down their supply chains. 

ESG is no longer simply a risk-mitigation tool. There’s a new expectation on business to pre-empt the solutions that are needed to improve global sustainability.

This approach is something we’ve long been advising our clients to adopt at TDi Sustainability. In this keynote webinar with our CEO, Assheton Stewart Carter was joined by David Sturmes-Verbeek, Strategic Partnerships & Innovation at TDi and Director at The Impact Facility, to take a look at why this shift is more urgent than ever, how companies should be preparing for it, and examine some of the ways we create ESG strategies that future-proof our clients – from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, NGOs and government organisations.

Watch the webinar now:

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David Sturmes-Verbeek