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Giulia Modolo is Head of Marketing and Communications at TDi Sustainability

Giulia Modolo

Head of Marketing and Communications

Giulia is Head of Marketing and Communications at TDi Sustainability. Her role is to share TDi Sustainability’s mission with the world, and to support clients in communicating their own progress to implement lasting sustainability strategies. Giulia believes that communication is key to delivering impact, because using the correct language and sharing knowledge can amplify the effects of our work.

Giulia joined TDi Sustainability in 2022, bringing with her 14 years of experience in global brands at the intersection of marketing, sales and coaching. Throughout her various roles she has worked with retail, manufacturing and luxury organisations, infusing business decision with the science of sustainability. She often refers to herself as a translator who bridges between people from different backgrounds. She takes a pragmatic approach to her own dreams of systemic change, and she is a Getting-Things-Done fan.

Like any good sustainability professional, Giulia likes certifications. She has a Master’s in International Management and a Bachelor in International Economics, both from Bocconi University, as well as several degrees including a Master’s from CEMS, a 300-hour coaching certification from Future Academy in Austria, and a degree in Doing Business in Latin America from Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil.

She speaks Italian and English, and is fluent in German and Brazilian Portuguese. Additionally, she can introduce herself and find out how you are doing in 5 languages, as long as you conform to the 3 answers she has learned (good, bad, so-so).