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Elizabeth Arnott

Senior Analyst

Elizabeth works as a research analyst on a wide array of projects across the mineral supply chain. Passionate about responsible sourcing, she assists companies in integrating sustainable and human rights-based practices into everyday business. Elizabeth assists in the development of supply chain mapping and risk management tools for companies that are sourcing material across the globe.

Elizabeth has experience working on human rights and mining related issues in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ghana. At the Danish Institute for Human Rights, her research was featured in a Sector Wide Impact Assessment on Mining and Human Rights in Myanmar. In Ghana, Elizabeth worked as a Governance Advisor, where she lived in a gold mining district and worked on strategies to enhance livelihood opportunities for the local community. She also developed capacity assessment tools focusing on transparency, accountability and the inclusion of women in local governance processes.

Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester’s School of Law, Elizabeth’s research focuses on human rights issues within Ghana’s artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector. Elizabeth is based in Ghana.