Case StudySwarovski

Creating Genuine Gemstones Supply Chains with Swarovski

In line with their commitment to ensure their products positively contribute to people and planet, Swarovski commissioned TDI to support the brand in establishing a stakeholder engagement program and a fully transparent, responsible supply chain for Swarovski Genuine Gemstones; one that most benefits the communities unearthing these shining natural wonders.

To help Swarovski identify a sustainable and traceable source for topaz, TDI conducted an assessment of current suppliers and of potential new sources of topaz gemstones. With our deep expertise of the mining sector and extensive network, we identified a mining community deep in the heart of the Federal Province of Rondônia in northwest Brazil, where a tin mining cooperative is making a difference by using more of what they already have. Here, the garimpeiros (miners) are recovering the topaz they reveal as an incidental part of their day-to-day work of cassiterite mining. For their community, it means an additional source of income with the potential to increase livelihoods and transform lives. For Swarovski customers, it means no fresh earth has been broken to source stunning Swarovski Genuine Topaz.

Similarly, our team identified a responsible source for rubies, through a Maasai artisanal mining community in Northern Tanzania.

As part of this program, TDI Sustainability supported Swarovski in setting up a fully traceable system, and in negotiating terms that support the communities involved. Swarovski agreed on a fair, fixed price for the topaz that protects workers from fluctuating markets, and provides training to help a generation of tin miners become topaz experts too.

Swarovski has now moved forward to actively apply a six-pillar programme of responsible sourcing for the acquisition of its genuine topaz and ruby. Swarovski is committed to establishing a fully transparent, responsible supply chain for every one of its genuine topaz and ruby gems and to support the communities at their source.