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For any business, managing supply-chain risk assessment projects can be complicated and time consuming. They’re challenging to set up and difficult to administer, and collecting, processing and reporting data can be a major task, out of scope for many organisations.

Our practical, robust and versatile online tools enable businesses to swiftly conduct supply-chain risk assessments by connecting critical players, streamlining administrative processes, and automating data processing and reporting. The net result? Mission-critical sustainability standards become seamlessly embedded into your organisation’s way of working.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of our proprietary online tools.

Risk Readiness Assessment

Populated with hundreds of entities in the mining and minerals processing supply chain, our Risk Readiness Assessment is an online self-assessment and due diligence tool designed to raise awareness of compliance requirements and promote the adoption of best practices.

Specifically, it encourages supply chain managers to engage with suppliers at every tier, enables minerals and metals producers and manufacturers to communicate risk management practices and performance to downstream customers, and motivates businesses in the mining, minerals and metals supply chain to identify best-in-class sustainability practices.

Learn more about the Risk Readiness Assessment.

The Coloured Gemstones Working Group

Managed by TDi Sustainability, the Coloured Gemstones Working Group (CGWG) – a collective of well-known jewellery makers, luxury brands and mining companies ¬– aims to bring about positive change in the responsible sourcing of coloured gemstones by providing information, tools and resources for all participants in the supply chain, from mine to end consumer.

Key online resources include a screening and due diligence tool that can be tailored to suit businesses at different places in the supply chain, and risk profiles that detail the social, environmental and governance aspects of the supply chains of popular coloured gemstones.

Learn more about TDI Sustainability and the CGWG and visit the CGWG website.

Country Governance Effectiveness Index for Responsible Sourcing

This TDi Sustainability tool is a vital resource for any organisation committed to a policy of responsible sourcing.

Drawing on established metrics for country-level governance from a range of international organisations, our Country Governance Effectiveness Index for Responsible Sourcing analyses each the effectiveness of each country’s governance in terms of conflict, law, human rights and the environment, and has broad applications for any business that seeks to avoid sourcing from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

Learn more about the Country Governance Effectiveness Index for Responsible Sourcing.

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