Marketing and Communications

These days, corporate social responsibility is a key part of any brand’s core strategy. Truly competitive brands use authentic sustainability strategies to engage with employees, customers and the world at large. You need to find your story and tell it well. TDI Strategies can help.

Our unique understanding

Our leadership in responsible sourcing and sustainability strategies coupled with significant marketing and media experience means that we can help you frame a compelling narrative around your ongoing sustainability journey and use it to build your brand.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of customisable communications services that can take your brand all the way from internal understanding around the importance of corporate social responsibility to market-leading sustainability campaigns. Our services include:

Strategic thinking: Planning a resilient and authentic sustainable brand strategy that’s right for your business and that allows you to tell your story your way.

Sustainability training: Facilitating company-wide endorsement of your sustainability brand strategy through employee workshops and internal training programs.

Marketing audit: Analysing current marketing materials and public relations strategy to check for greenwashing and find new ways to tell your sustainability story.

Consumer research: Monitoring trends in consumer sentiment around sustainability to ensure that your approach aligns with their expectations.

Media representation: Promoting your sustainability strategy accurately and with passion at media and industry events.

Crisis management: Managing and deflecting any negative media or activist campaign around your social responsibility strategy while course-correcting for the future.