Responsible Sourcing Research

Expectations for responsible sourcing are on the rise. Your customers, regulators, partners and staff rightly want to know the who, what, why, where and when of the materials in your supply chain. Providing that level of information requires precise knowledge on a global scale. TDI Strategies can help.

Our unique understanding

Our partnerships with sustainability standards setting organisations, industry associations and businesses give us unparalleled insight into the issues surrounding responsible sourcing, and mean that we are uniquely placed to conduct robust and actionable research for our clients.

What we offer

Our suite of products allows you to access in depth information about your suppliers on a company, country and governance level. Our reports are designed to arm corporate decision-makers with up to the minute intelligence around supplier risk and material traceability, and include:

Responsible sourcing indices: We publish the TDI Country Governance Effectiveness Index for Responsible Sourcing which offers a rounded view of a country’s level of risk for supply chain issues, and the TDI Conflict Affected and High Risk Index which is a red flag tool measuring risks associated with OECD Annex II.

Company profiles: Using custom software to monitor the web for allegations associated with material producing companies, we present structured analyses and clear appraisals of risk significance for procurement departments.

Country reports: TDI researches and writes in-depth country reports that weave together open source information and insights from expert and stakeholder interviews in order to gauge 13 dimensions of country level risk.

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