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Case Study: The Copper Mark Assurance System

A comprehensive industry-wide and internationally-recognised assurance system for the responsible production of copper that demonstrates the copper industry’s contribution to sustainable development.

Business challenge

The International Copper Association (ICA) commissioned TDI Sustainability to build an end-to-end standards system for copper production. We were asked to include practice requirements, the assurance programme, industry and stakeholder engagement, and outreach, guidance and governance initiatives.

Approach and deliverable

To fulfil the goals of the ICA’s proposed assurance system, TDI Sustainability’s role took three distinct parts.

1. Preparatory research and reporting:

We also gave the system a meaningful and recognisable name – the Copper Mark.

2. Development of system components:

3. Associated and ancillary activities:

Client benefits and broader industry impact

The Copper Mark assurance system aims to meet the demand for greater accountability of corporate environmental, social and governance practices and demonstrates the positive contributions its members make to sustainable development in the copper production industry.

Project partners and methodology

The initial process involved convening stakeholders, including representatives from businesses in the copper industry, to complete an exploratory analysis to assess the efficacy and viability of launching a branded copper assurance system.

TDI Sustainability continue to work with and support The Copper Mark through developing trainings for auditors and copper producers.

Approved Assessors

If you are looking for an approved Copper Mark auditor, or need support preparing for a Copper Mark audit, TDI Sustainability is ready to help. Our expert, multilingual team are completely up to speed with the responsible operating practices required relating to employees, local communities, governance and the environment.

“TDI Sustainability has played an integral part in the development of the Copper Mark. Their team offers a unique breadth of expertise, knowledge and network in the sustainability sector. TDI touched almost every aspect of our organization providing pragmatic and solutions oriented advice. Their responsiveness, adaptability and willingness to put the client first make their team stand out.”

~ Michèle Brulhart, Executive Director, The Copper Mark