Case Study: The Bettercoal Assurance System

A robust and efficient assurance system focused on continuous improvement in order to foster a responsible coal supply chain.

Business challenge

Established by a group of major coal buyers, Bettercoal aims to advance sustainability performance in the global coal supply chain through the Bettercoal Assurance System.

TDI Sustainability was tasked to support Bettercoal with introducing modifications to their Assurance System by providing expert input on its governance, structure, and technical content.

Approach and deliverable

TDI staff have worked with Bettercoal from its inception when the initiative was created and has first-hand experience and knowledge of applying the Bettercoal Code. TDI support for Bettercoal covers:

“TDI Sustainability provides Bettercoal with lead assessors to evaluate the performance of coal suppliers against a comprehensive code for responsible practices. Bettercoal members expect consistently high-quality assessments of their coal suppliers that often have large and very complex projects.

TDI Sustainability has shown it can deliver this quality in different geographic settings from Kazakhstan to Colombia, and from rural England to Russia. They show a deep understanding of the Bettercoal Code, not only in the written expression of the standard, but also the intent behind the code to assure customers that coal mines can be free of conflict, safe working places, and catalysts for positive change in local economies. Few firms show the depth of knowledge and sophistication in evaluation than TDI Sustainability.”

Anne-Claire Howard, Executive Director, Bettercoal