Audit Preparation & Training

When you’re navigating a maze of competing voluntary and mandatory standards, certifications and practices, you need to understand the complexities of every compliance, country governance, reputation, operational and sourcing risk you might encounter. TDI Audit can help.

Our unique understanding

Working with standard-setting organisations and auditing bodies as well as businesses along the length and breadth of the mined mineral and natural resource supply chain means we know precisely what’s required to meet and exceed auditing, assessment and due diligence obligations.

What we offer

Our audit preparation and training services can help you prepare for upcoming assessments and provide relevant training to your staff, your suppliers or auditors. Our services include:

Gap analyses: Before any external audit, we can conduct an in-depth assessment of your practices, measure your performance against specified standards and provide constructive recommendations for improving results.

Audit preparation: We’ll make sure you’re fully prepared for voluntary and compulsory audits by conducting documentation review, trial interviews and mock assessments.

Self-assessment completion: We’ll work with your team to help you complete self-assessments against sustainability and responsible sourcing standards and customer requirements.

Training: We’ll work with your entire team or/and your suppliers to ensure a complete understanding of the principles, background and requirements of any standards systems.

Auditor selection: We’ll help you choose the right auditors for your business, and will negotiate with them on your behalf before, during and after your audit.

Expertise on hand: We offer unparalleled access to subject matter experts who can represent you during the assessments conducted by external auditors.