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Assheton Carter, UK

Location: Gloucestershire, UK
Languages: English (native;) Spanish (fluent)

Pioneering executive, consultant and board advisor on sustainable business and environmental markets, corporate responsibility, non-financial risk, and responsible investment in international and emerging markets. Assheton has a track record of 25 years with a focus on practising business sustainability in the resource sector – mining, oil & gas, forestry and forest-based carbon markets, and tropical agriculture – and international supply chains –food, jewellery, luxury and OEM. Assheton chairs and serves on a number of boards and expert panels for standard-setting organizations, NGOs and private companies. He is an expert on corporate voluntary standard-setting and certification schemes.

Past executive positions include head of risk and performance at Althelia Ecosphere, an impact-investing firm; SVP at PACT, a leading international social development NGO where he oversaw the climate change and mineral supply chain programs, as well as the external affairs and communications functions; and Chief Advisor Business Practices at Conservation International, where he led strategy development and execution. Assheton co-founded Spartacus Capital Mining Fund, an ESG-focussed private equity firm (now trading as Tembo Capital). He has built many significant public private partnerships between business, environmental and development NGOs, the donor community and government agencies. He has worked with major brands in Europe and the USA, including Disney, United, Marriot, Cartier, Chopard, Kering, Bulgari and Apple, and with natural resource companies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He has launched and led a number of “best practice” initiatives with the extractive industries, and structured innovative ‘green’ supply chains, including the first fully traceable gold and diamond jewellery for the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart. He also developed the only tracking system for “conflict-free” metals from the DRC used by electronics manufacturers in Europe and the United States. He has published over 20 book chapters and articles. His first degree is in international agriculture, with an award-winning thesis written on Fairtrade coffee and the merits of low-input agricultural systems.


Leading The Charge For Change – Our Chance To Transform The Cobalt Mining Sector

BY ASSHETON CARTER & DAVID STURMES | JUNE 5, 2020 For the last 1.5 years, our TDI Impact team at the Impact Facility have been working with Fairphone, Signify and Huayou Cobalt to develop a programme that addresses the most urgent issues associated with the production of cobalt by artisanal miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As

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