From artisanal mines to global brands,
we unlock sustainability.

Our Services

Drawing from diverse and international backgrounds, TDi boasts a 360° vision of what matters to the industry, and of the pressures, challenges, and opportunities for unlocking the value of sustainability. TDi services include:


Adaptable to your needs

No two business contexts are ever the same. We’ll get to know your unique situation before helping to mould a strategy with the best chance of success.

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Insightful, timely data

Discover the intelligence you need to fuel your sustainability strategy, gaining information on every participant, material and country in your supply chain.

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Meaningful change

We support and empower communities that are rich in natural resources, turning mineral wealth into local, sustainable prosperity for all.

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Our Sectors

At TDi Sustainability we help businesses along any phase of the value chain – from mining through to manufacture and retail – achieve their sustainability objectives, whether they concern a specific product or encompass the entire value chain, and we specialise in the following sectors:


The global Covid-19 pandemic and climate crisis has created a surge for resilient, long-term investments.[…]

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Mining companies are becoming overwhelmed by the continual stream of ESG and sustainability questionnaires from investors, credit rating agencies, reg[…]

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Car manufacturers are responding to growing regulatory pressure on sustainability and supply chain traceability. […]

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Luxury is still associated with mysterious stories from foreign lands, but today’s consumers increasingly demand transparency. What are the human ri[…]

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Case Studies

Molybdenum profile

30th November 2021

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Case Study