We help organisations navigate the world of sustainability standards and customer expectations to meet the requirements on their journey to responsible sourcing.

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We create practical, well-rounded and brand-enhancing sustainability solutions for organisations worldwide.

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We support and empower indigenous communities and help ensure responsible natural resource development that benefits us all.

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We provide the insights and information that help businesses and industries rise to the challenge of responsible sourcing.

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TDI Sustainability helps businesses the world over be more sustainable. Along the length and breadth of the supply chain, from artisanal mine to multinational corporation, we use our expertise to build responsible supply chains that work for people, for business and for the planet.



Responsible Sourcing

The provenance of raw materials – especially those used by mining industries – is quickly becoming an area of international…

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Responsible sourcing goals mean little without the means of defining intent and measuring success.

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Energy Development

Conversations around climate change, fossil fuels and renewable energy have thrust energy development projects into the spotlight.

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Leading The Charge For Change – Our Chance To Transform The Cobalt Mining Sector

BY ASSHETON CARTER & DAVID STURMES | JUNE 5, 2020 For the last 1.5 years, our TDI Impact team at the Impact Facility have been working with Fairphone, Signify and Huayou Cobalt to develop a programme that addresses the most urgent issues associated with the production of cobalt by artisanal miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As

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True Global Perspective

Over the last 25 years TDI’s team members have pioneered some of the world’s leading projects in sustainable sourcing.

The expertise brought to bear on TDI projects is grounded in these experiences. TDI has worked with the people who shape expectations, the people who formalise and structure those expectations, and the people in businesses whose job it is to meet those expectations.



TDI is trusted by world-class businesses, brands and civil society to develop, improve and enhance global supply chains. Our clients rely on us to deliver results that benefit people, planet and business.